Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DIY Super Hero Theme Pinata

                                                          Super Hero Pinata

For my DIY post of the week I thought I would take on a Pinata it can't be that hard I thought. After scouring the web I finally decided I needed to make my own I wanted to incorporate the theme but also have it be my own so I thought why not an A for my name? This was my third ever pinata I made one in Middle school out of newspaper and a balloon man that was a mess and one simple box pinata. This pinata is for my Super birthday party I am having this weekend. Who says adults can't have a little fun to right?  It is double sided so I thought I would make one side Wonder Woman since that is my costume and Super man for the other since they are made for each other obviously. 

For this project you will need
  • A moving box
  • A pencil 
  • Ruler
  • X-acto knife or scissors
  • Tape I used masking tape
  • A softer box I used a soda box
  • Crepe Paper Rolls or Sheets (Red and Yellow)
  • Tissue paper if you want to wrap it before adding the layers of crepe(Blue,Red and Yellow)
  • Glue
  • Star Stickers
  • String to hang
  • Super Hero Logo Print out

When I started out it looked a little something like this I just traced the box using a ruler to stay straight with my shape I wanted and cut it out with my Xact-o knife I tried to cut through both but my blade wasn't able to so I ended up cutting one and then using it as the master to cut the other.

I then cut my soft card board and placed it in between these two boxes to form the letter the sides of the soda box fit perfect in the middle of the letter and the extra harder pieces worked great on the outsides. See what works best for you tape it all shut, I didn't get a picture of this part I wish I did..

After wards I covered mine in tissue paper because I wanted the bottom to stay flat
This is up to you if you want to do it this way it took a little bit longer than I would have liked so like I said its up to your discretion.

Then I just cut my crepe paper I used rolls because I found them in a two pack for a 1 at dollar tree but you can buy the sheets also and skip this step just slide the scissors in about 8 layers and cut it will make a stack of sheets

 Then hold the stack and cut a bunch of snips about 3/4 of the way through to 
leave a layer to attach like this
I wanted to make a quick shout out because before I found this bloggers site I was
going to unroll and cut each one it would have taken so much more time so thank you very much 
Pinata Boy you need to go to his site and check it out he has so many amazing wonderful tips he is a pro!!  

Then you just take each sheet and layer it on bottom to top layer by layer it will eventually look like this as I said before I left the blue part as just the tissue paper and started with the yellow to layer then the red and then I let it dry and glued on the Super Man logo on one side

I added the Wonder Woman Logo on the other as well as some Felt Star Stickers I had from my DIY Costume (I will post that one next week after my party)

I will say I got most of my items at the Dollar Tree which I love for crafting or anything really I always go there first just to see what they have in stock. I got the Crepe Paper,String,Tissue Paper(1 pack had all colors and the glue so always check there for any cheaper alternatives. Its going to get beaten to heck anyways. The rest I found at Hobby Lobby for very great prices.

Pinata cost was $9 because I didn't have glue,masking tape or and Xact-o knife or it would have been less than $5. I just needed to buy the stuff anyways so it gave me a reason to.