Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects

I received this amazing new kit from the Influenster Sweetheart Voxbox it is called the Fresh Effects Shine Shine go away cleanser and vibrating wand it works like a charm taking days and months off my skin as I enjoy the little vibrating brush getting the cleanser in all the hard to reach areas deep down in those pores.
 I always feel so fresh and clean afterwards which just wasn't the case with other cleansers even with the scrubbing pads this one is way better.

This is how the kit will look right out of the box the batteries are included which is a plus thanks Olay!

The kit includes the Cleanser as well as the Vibrating wand 

Here's a closer view true to size

I also wanted to include a close up view of the bristles for those worried it may be to harsh its made of soft little rubber so it isn't anything to bother your sensitive skin.

 Check out their site for more details and if you would like to purchase and cant find it anywhere? Well  here's a place to look if you would like to purchase and  

As always if you have not checked out please do so for your own sake :)

Just in case this wasn't clear  "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Monday, March 11, 2013

Not Your Mother's® She's a Tease™ Volumizing Hair Spray

My daughter is loving the new NYM shes a tease hairspray I have the most thickest crazy volumous mane and the poor thing somehow has the thinnest hair ever but you wouldnt know better after styling her with the NYM hairspray thanks Influenster for giving it to us to try!!

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response

I recently tried the Secret Clinical Stress Sweat Protection and let me tell you it is wonderful at getting rid of all of the problems I was having Living in Florida you have the hardest time battling sweat on its own let alone that little sneaky stress that creeps up from time to time.

 When the job gets tough you have to try this stuff out! I have finally found the best deodorant ever!

Influenster recently sent me a Voxbox which is essentially a free box full of new products to try out and review online hence this blog.. Here is the Sweetheart box that I received this month

 I love Secret Clinical Strength Swess Response for three reason

  • It has a very light not too over bearing citrus scent which as someone who is sensitive to heavy scents is very important
  • It keeps you dry all day even in the humid hot weather here in Florida
  • The application process is so easy just a couple clicks and im ready to go

 here is a link to their site so you can check them out

Also please if you haven't go to and request an invite they are a great company to check them out you would be missing out if you don't..   

Just in case I wasn't clear  "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Skinnygirl Daily On-The-Go Bars

In February I received a Voxbox from Influenster it included a Skinny Girls on the go bar in Dark Chocolate and Pretzel flavor it was very delicious even though I am not really a dark chocolate fan is a link to there website if you would like to learn more about this delicious yet healthy treat yumm here is another link to their Daily product site to keep you up to date..