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Neutralyze Exfoliating Pads

I was recently contacted by Neutralyze to test out their exfoliating pads. These Acne Treatment Pads contain 2% Salicylic Acid + 1% Mandelic Acid + Nitrogen Boost Skincare Technology My daughter has been fighting teenage acne for a few years now. We have been to the dermatologist, tried all of the products on the market, including prescription face creams and months of antibiotics. All to come to the realization that her skin is just extremely sensitive. After testing these pads out she did notice some improvement, however it was too rough on her skin so we had to discontinue use. We haven't found many products that work for her so it isn't saying much. I am going to use the rest on my bikini area after reading some reviews it works great on those pesky after shave bumps so not a total loss this time. Below are the before and after photos for while she was using the product. I would recommend these pads for normal/oily skin. They are definitely not for sen
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Luxon LED Edison Dimmable light bulbs

While remodeling the house we had been searching for items I never knew we needed before, like Edison style light bulbs. We found these beauties on Amazon 6 for $20.95 with free shipping, take my money. That's a steal, these were 9.99 each at the local hardware store!   I'll add the link at the bottom of this post.  Once we finally get our pendant lights up they're going to be gorgeous, I say finally but we just moved in three weeks ago.. 🤣 alas for now you'll have to do with a photo of them in this 60s lamp that sadly we're removing, isn't it very charming though?  Some features about these light bulbs are: 360 degree Emitting The traditional LED bulb has only 180 degree illumination area, some areas will not be illuminated, and the LED Edison filament bulb, 360 degree stereo illumination, no dark area. Filled with inert gas Firstly, draw out the air and then filled with inert gas, so that the bulb is in a "low pressure"

Homekoko Computer Desk

We just finally purchased our first home, now we are in full renovation mode. Since I have switched over to a remote office job, I am working on setting up my desk area to get back to work. Right now I am in this temporary space in our closet, which is okay for now.  Since we were needing a new desk this had me searching all over for the perfect work desk, of course the first place I checked was my favorite site, Amazon! I ended up selecting this desk by Homekoko, with the dimensions it seemed like it would fit perfectly for my little space that I carved out for my home office, it is sleek and sturdy enough for our needs. This desk is 47.2" Wide and 27.6" tall which happens to be just the right size for the little area I am able to carve out. I can't wait to get this up to decorate these little shelves underneath with knick knacks. My husband isn't too big on those so I have to find my space for them anywhere I can. He is laying the floors this weekend

Vacuum sealer by JZBrain

JZBRAIN Vacuum Sealer Vacuum Air Sealing System The JZBRAIN vacuum sealer removes air, from bags and creates an airtight seal to lock in freshness, keeps food fresh in the freezer up to 5x longer, is the solution to all your food storage needs! Ordinary storage methods trap air, affecting the food's nutritional value, flavor, and overall quality. But the vacuum system removes most of the air from the sealed container, extending the life of food. Prep-ahead meals, leftovers, and produce stored in the fridge will stay fresh up to weeks later instead of spoiling in days. With its sleek space-saving design and user-friendly control panel, the JZBRAIN Food Preservation System is the ideal appliance to preserve a variety of foods. The ideal money and time saving solution Space-saving design Two sealing modes Extra wide sealing strip Built-in one-shoot cutter Easy lock latch Adjustable bag shell holders Compatible with fresh handheld sealer & other

Just add milk

Just add Milk When we were on vacation in Florida we took the Just add milk activity kit by Griddly Games with us so we would have something entertaining and educational to do together. The first experiment we did was to watch the salt water and colored water separate. We tried this three times but were not able to get this experiment to work. We followed all of the instructions that were given so we aren't sure why this didn't work for us. The rest of the experiments required an additional item that we didn't have with us on this trip, a clear pan, or vinegar.. they looked interesting overall it seems like a great idea but we weren't too impressed. You can look for more information or purchase your activity kit on their site   What are some benefits of science kits for kids? Educational science kits are designed to supplement formal classroom education

Heytech Diving Pool Toys

               Heytech Diving Pool Toys Were in the middle of the home buying process, well actually we should've been finished last week, but things are holding it up so i am glad that I have this blog to take my mind off the chaos that has become my life, anxiety definitely does not make this process any easier, please keep your fingers crossed that we find out about this today, because I just can't with this anymore. Anyways on to the subject at hand this 17 piece kit includes 4 Mini Eliminates water shooters, 4 Diving Rings, 4 Torpedos and 5 diving sticks. Thats a great deal for less than $13, I was going to get some Torpedos from CVS while we were in Florida this past weekend and they were $5 just for those, with a few extra bucks you can order this kit from Amazon and have everything you'll need for the summer! . More features and details of these sticks: Have a Great Summer Pool Time with this Valuable Diving Poo

Travel Jewelry Organizer by Caperci

Have you ever gone to pull your necklaces out of your bag and they were all in one huge tangle?   Yeah, me too this was me last weekend, we went on a trip to Florida and I wanted to accessorize while I was there which turned into a fun game of untangle the necklace for the next 30 minutes. This lead me to searching all over Amazon for a new jewelry organizer for the next trip. I came across this one from Caperci and I have to say I was blown away by the quality of this organizer. This jewelry organizer features  Strong carry handle, and two-way zippers, you never need to worry about things falling out. Necklace buckled strap-5 snaps with 3 large elasticated pouches and double-deck open pouches below for holding necklaces. Rings Buckled Bands & Earrings Pane - Open to find a section for 2 buckled bands of organizing rings on one side and 36 holes for organizing earrings or brooches on the other. 1 Center Zippered Pocket - extra place for keeping your bracelets, wah